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Silverstein Hits the Bong, Orlowski Hits the Roof

By - March 03, 2004

OK, now I really have taken a shine to Google Director of Technology Craig Silverstein. I always liked him, what with his oft-repeated quip that search engines ought to be like the computer on Star Trek, but in a SES speech this morning, apparently in a bid to outdo himself, he conjured up the idea of “search pets.” Damn, I wish I had stayed for this! From WebProNews, Silverstein speaks of a future some hundreds of years from now in which:

These search pets would not necessarily be like a pet dog, but more like “a genetically engineered beast.”

Adding to the science fiction, he believes search pets will be able to understand emotions and allow people to search for things that aren’t necessarily facts. For example, searchers can ask search pets, “What did Bob mean when he said that?”

Helping increase and enhance communication, search pets will understand the way the world works and the way humans interact. Search pets will be able to determine and untangle what searchers mean politically and socially. ….Search pets could also help out in the bedroom. Take marital issues, for example. Guys, when you ask your honey what’s wrong and she says nothing – there IS somehting wrong and it’s NOT nothing. Silverstein sees search pets as being able to find to the correct answer to these tricky questions.

Will searching as we know it be completely replaced by search pets?

“We’ll still search for facts,” he says, “but in all likelyhood the facts will be contained in a brain implant.”

Oh man, if that doesn’t give Andrew Orlowski all he needs to go apeshit, I don’t know what will.

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3 thoughts on “Silverstein Hits the Bong, Orlowski Hits the Roof

  1. My cats are so lazy, I’d never trust them with an important search. They’d just get distracted by some shiny object. Or a bird.

    I wonder if we’ll be able to get an mp3 of his talk? 🙂

  2. Fenevad says:

    Call me a neo-Luddite, but the idea of having a brain implant called a pet that knows what I’m thinking is pretty creepy. Sounds like the plot from a B movie.

  3. aaron wall says:

    Thumbs up to Andrew, who always finds a way to sound stupid. Is this perhaps his unique sales proposition?

    Craig did not do too much talking, and I missed the one where he talked about search pets. He also came up with the phrase “link skank” to reference spammy links…

    Craig talks quietly, but says some cool stuff.