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A Talk With David Gerlertnter

By - March 18, 2004

Just off the phone with David Gerlertner. A very interesting chat, he is one of the few academics who have both developed a new vision for computing, then attempted to create software that in fact realizes it. I’ll post an update to this post later, I have to run to meetings all day. Best quotes: “The most underused resource in the universe is human brainpower,” especially when it comes to search; “We’ve been looking forward to RSS coming for many years, we’re thrilled it’s here;” “I don’t want to use Google if I can avoid it…to use it I have to know the right question to ask, and that is often not the case I know that question…”

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One thought on “A Talk With David Gerlertnter

  1. Louis Rossetto says:

    John, you have too much time on your hands.