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The Buzz From the Blogorati Ain't Great…

By - January 30, 2004

But orkut keeps chuggin nonetheless. Xeni sounds off about how she can’t seem to bail from the system (I think they never considered that anyone would *ever* want to leave…), Marc gets tossed in jail without a phone call or a lawyer, Corante is not pleased (pointing out that negative posts and comments about orkut have been deleted from the system, at least early on),danah has a more than a few pointed words as well (and 19 trackbacks and counting…). Folks, the buzz ain’t so good. What to make of it?

Well, I think it’s fascinating, but I’m writing a book about search, and watching Google manage this particular herd of cats is simply too interesting to look away. So here’s my comment, for what it’s worth: pretending that this is not a Google project is disingenuous. Orkut *is* a Google project. End of story. Even if it wasn’t intended to be, it is. And the folks at Google know that as important as the influencers in tech might be, orkut, in the end, is about the folks who could give a crap about the blogosphere. I’ll wager they’ll ride out the initial bad reviews, and hope the masses join up. Unless, of course, a few major journalists write it up as a bust. It’s rather like the Dean campaign, no? Are Xeni and danah providing the primal scream?

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9 thoughts on “The Buzz From the Blogorati Ain't Great…

  1. Oh, good. I thought I was the only one who’d figured that out. 🙂

    Just don’t ask my for any evidence I might have. I can’t reveal my sources–if I have them, that is.

  2. Otis says:

    Orkut will be interesting to watch, as a demonstration of “The Power Of Google”.
    All these negative comments of people who were _invited_ (makes a difference!) to join it, yet, in the end, Orkut will not disappear the way the ordinary sites disappear when they receive so much negative feedback.

  3. T.J. says:

    Apologies if this is the wrong place to ask.
    I have heard a lot about Orkut lately and would like to join, to see what it is all about. The problem is, I have no friends who are members, and see joining is by invitation only. Is Orkut a closed ring of people, or is there any other way of joining. An invitation to join, by any members would be appeciated.
    Many thanks,

  4. OK, for the record, I’m not inviting anyone into orkut I don’t know. It’s counter to the point of the thing, it seems to me. Nothing personal…

  5. Jules says:

    my account magically disappeared from orkut over the weekend. and i was really getting into it.

    i’ve read the TOS several times since and i can’t seem to figure out why i’d have been booted on purpose. most of the time ppl go into jail. so it’s prolly a bug. or someone who has access to their db and who doesn’t like me.

    i emailed orkut help and got no reponses (other than the automated ones)

    bad bad experience, especially since i’ve been getting folks to switch from friendster and tribe (tribe, btw, still seems the most solid of the big 3 SMs) to orkut.

  6. Pip says:

    I had a bad time with it too !

  7. Jake says:

    Orkut is passe and suffers from huge problems..

    Check out the new site on the block

    Its way of networking friends is much much more secure.

  8. tercüman says:

    I’m not inviting anyone into orkut I don’t know…

  9. kat von dee says:

    Orkut is passe and suffers from huge problems..
    Check out the new site on the block