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DNA Search. Yes, Really.

By - January 14, 2004

I can’t – or don’t want to – make that much sense of this. But…this search engine lets you search for family connections through DNA matches. This is very sci-fi, but it’s also very real. As the site says: “Many thousands of people have tested to find family connections as well as family origins. Since then, other labs have entered this market, and the number of tested individuals is growing as the use of DNA is becoming more and more accepted as an important tool for family research, enhancing traditional genealogy research methods.

In order to allow people that have tested with the different companies to make their results available for comparison, Family Tree DNA is offering Ysearch as a free public service.”

The searchable genome. I sense Cory Doctorow or Denise Caruso might have smart things to say about this. Thanks to Research Buzz, which does a fine job of grokking the engine, for the refer.

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One thought on “DNA Search. Yes, Really.

  1. peggy wilburn says:

    Looking for the paternal side or our family. My brother has been tested, I have been tested and still no information.
    Hope it comes soon, as we are not getting any younger.