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Blocking Paid Search Ads

By - December 09, 2003

EWeek reports that a new software application is now available that blocks paid search ads on most popular search engines. I wonder if this will take off, or is ephemeral? It depends on how consumers react to the next wave of search engines – how Yahoo and MSN do their next implementations, for example. I don’t think anyone really objects to how Google does ads right now, in fact, I think most feel the ads are even useful. I’d be curious to know if any readers are using this product and if so, if it in fact is useful. For more on Intermute, the company making this software, here’s their site.

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One thought on “Blocking Paid Search Ads

  1. Richard says:

    I used it, say, two or three years ago. But to block pop-ups, not ads. Switched to Pop-up Stopper, then the Google toolbar.

    Back then almost all ads were graphics. Since the images were downloaded whether you saw them or not I didn’t block them.

    Only zealots would bother to stop Google text ads. I’ve clicked on a few when I was shopping because the ads were more relevant than the search results.

    Can’t imagine the average web user bothering to download or install it. Or ever even hearing of it.