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Looksmart Launches FindArticles…So Far I've Found A Lot of Press Releases

By - November 25, 2003

Looksmart today announced a major update to FindArticles, a great idea whose execution so far I can’t quite endorse. The service – which has its own tab on the Looksmart site – has “over 3.5 million articles from over 700 publications.” While I’ve not explored it fully, a search for various folks who I know are subjects of major magazine pieces turns up a boatload of BusinessWire-type press releases. Not sure how that matches up with expectations of “articles from 700 publications…” but I hope they clean it up, because it could be a great service.

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  • Andre Stechert

    There’s a nice feature on findarticles that allows you to “exclude this publication from your search”. Full disclosure: I work for LookSmart.