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Thanks to Gary for pointing me to the transcript and video of Mark Zuckerberg's 60 Minutes appearance. So far the response (at least from comments here on Searchblog) is not overwhelming….

Thanks to Gary for pointing me to the transcript and video of Mark Zuckerberg’s 60 Minutes appearance. So far the response (at least from comments here on Searchblog) is not overwhelming.

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  1. It is pretty hard to make money off a product once your users are used to having it for free — Facebook is struggling with exactly the same monetization issues that the old media companies are confronting. In fact, I’d argue that currently FB and Time-Warner could be considered in the same breath: both are struggling to make money off of entertainment (vampires + drinks says “fun” to me).

    Zuckerberg touched on this, but he has a long way to go in humility and in acknowledging that many enterpreneurs and many entertainment biz. companies have traveled before. As Mashable pointed out “What did the FB CEO tell us that we didn’t already know?” Until Zuckerberg and his 400-person crew get some perspective on what they’re doing, I think they’ll begin to find opportunities to make real money.

    Ned Hayes

  2. I felt as though the 60 Minutes interview last night was sophomoric. I agree with Mr. Hayes when he asks “What did [Mr. Zuckerberg] tell us that we didn’t already know?” He didn’t tell us anything, because the interviewer hardly asked anything. She never pressed Mr. Zuckerberg. The interview felt as though it was an introduction to Facebook for anyone who has been living under a rock. It was a great opportunity for 60 Minutes to interview a really influential (although maybe slightly naive) young man, and Mrs. Stahl just seemed to be content that she had the chance to ask Mr. Zuckerberg some very routine questions.

  3. If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates? oh wait, nevermind… that doesn’t pertain to you =P

  4. Zuckerburg deserves credit for building a site that millions love but he needs to step aside and hire a real CEO. I’m not even arguing for grey hair — just a serious business person that can properly represent the company.

  5. I found the takeaway was something that facebook might actually do well to focus more on (and if this is a step in that direction, then I feel that would indeed be good IMHO): facebook as “yearbook”, as “campus directory”, as being a members directory of cyberspace (and/or even made for cyberspace noobies).

    This would move away from the “tech” stigma that much of web 2.0 is afflicted with.

    A little over a month ago, I wrote “application don’t matter” ( http://twitter.com/nmw/statuses/473094552 ) — like: it’s the content, stupid!

    😀 nmw

  6. Considering the 60 minutes interview, I wouldn’t expect Zuckerberg to reveal anything. In the realm of search, it’s a long way off before I go to Facebook for a relevant web search on any topic.
    I’m tired of hearing about people complaining about Beacon. When you sign up for Facebook you are providing a significant amount of transparency in your [online] life, especially if you don’t set any privacy restraints. If they don’t like it they should just not use the site.

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