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This year will mark the third annual Web 2.0 conference. It's not till November (the 7th-9th in SF, for anyone marking their calendars), but it's never too early to start thinking about it, at least, if you're the program chair like I am. One thing we have to do…

Web205Logo-5This year will mark the third annual Web 2.0 conference. It’s not till November (the 7th-9th in SF, for anyone marking their calendars), but it’s never too early to start thinking about it, at least, if you’re the program chair like I am.

One thing we have to do is give the conference a tagline, sort of like a theme in four words or less. The first year, we declared “The Web Is a Platform.” That felt spot on, because the idea of the web as a place you could build on the work of others was a pretty new idea. Last year we tagged it “Revving the Web,” because it was all about the services and businesses and opportunities that arose from the Web – all of which taken together made the web more robust and more exciting.

This year Tim and I have been bouncing around some ideas, and I’d love your take on what you think is an overarching theme to the Internet business for the year to come.

I’ve got one that I can’t seem to get out of my teeth, so as with all things, I wanted to bounce it off you all. I think this is the year of Disruption – the year the Web – in all its forms – really flexes its muscle and begins to seriously turn the soil of the global economy in deep and permanent ways. Think of the disruptions in the media and entertainment industries – probably the deepest disruptions so far. But we’re only in the first inning or so of the disruptions in the mobile and communications space (how excited do YOU think AT&T is about Google offering free Wifi, for example? Or eBay buying Skype?). And the disruptions of search and clickstreams on commerce is only now beginning, and the same is true for the massive IT industry (Microsoft Live, anyone?). And the disruption on our cultural life – in government, for example (can you say warrantless wiretaps meets the Database of Intentions?) – is only beginning to dawn on all of us.

What do you think of the theme? The goal is to tie together a lot of issues, companies,and ideas. I think this one does it. What themes do you think might work?

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  1. John, I agree with Steve above. You got to fix the name first before you think of the tagline and before its too late.

    Web2.0 has already become a four letter word and any way you think of it, it will be obsolete sooner or later. It was a great name for a while but the sheen is long gone. Don’t get stuck with it.

  2. “Web 2.0 – Egocentrically Altruistic”

    “Web 2.0 – Egocentrically Altruistic Web for the World”

    “Web 2.0 – Findable, Usable, Portable and Universal”

  3. What about “Web is life”?
    As you know, the goal of web is for our life richness. but the immaturity of technique limits web just to monitor.
    Now a days, web is stepping out of monitor. It is on TV, Mobile device and everywhere it goes.
    All of the disruptions is symptoms that web is close to our life. I think Web 2.0 emblem essence of internet. It means we must think about it from the point of our life.

  4. Log another vote for something to do with people being empowered. People Powered. Power to the People… The upshot of all this web 2.0 goodness (platforms, syndication, aggregation, web applications, user created content, etc.) is that I have more opportunity, control and freedom to create, manipulate and explore ideas, media and data than ever before. – rajat

  5. With Yahoo buying “social” sites like Flickr and, the growing popularity of sites like Digg and the continuing growth and acceptance of blogs and sites like Technorati, the trend is definitely towards more user-generated content. With that in mind, I suggest:
    “By the Users, For the Users”
    or the dorky version:
    “By the Users, 4 the Users”
    or the short dorky version:
    “By Users, 4 Users”

  6. Just fyi the theme for TiEcon in Santa Clara this year is:

    “Disruption and Convergence: Entrepreneurship Unlimited”

    For those that havent heard about it, TiEcon bills itself as the largest conference in the world dedicated to entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship.

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