Search, Meet Desktop. Desktop, Meet Search. MSFT, Meet Plaxo. Plaxo…

Take a look at this deal between Yahoo and Plaxo. (Who's on the Board of Plaxo? Yup, Ex-Yahoo CEO Koogle.) From the the Merc: Today Plaxo integrates Yahoo's search engine directly into the Outlook e-mail program. Under the deal with Yahoo, Plaxo will get paid for channeling people to Yahoo's…

plaxo_logoTake a look at this deal between Yahoo and Plaxo. (Who’s on the Board of Plaxo? Yup, Ex-Yahoo CEO Koogle.)
From the the Merc:

Today Plaxo integrates Yahoo’s search engine directly into the Outlook e-mail program. Under the deal with Yahoo, Plaxo will get paid for channeling people to Yahoo’s search engine. The search box will be placed beside a Plaxo icon that sits atop Outlook.

Plaxo will eventually make Web searching possible from individual e-mails, according to Masonis. Ultimately, he wants Plaxo to search individual words within the e-mails. You would click on the word and Plaxo would do a Web search through Yahoo.

“We’re in Outlook, so we’re effectively within the operating system. We can scan words,” he said. ‘

The deal is significant because it puts Yahoo search directly into one of the most popular e-mail programs. That helps Yahoo leapfrog rival Google, which earlier put its search engine on the bottom of the computer desktop with its Google task bar.

Do you think MSFT is going to let this happen, on *their* desktop, in *their* application, for very long?

(By the way, Google investor and board member Ram Shirram is also an investor in Plaxo…what tangled webs we weave…)

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  1. My first reaction was that this looks like one of those application features that is doomed to have a narrow user base. Then I realised that such situations actually occur from time to time. Google would probably respondby adding the feature to gmail, but only if people are found to actually use it.

  2. I am curious about one thing. What did Masonis mean by “we can scan words”? That kind of pushes the edges of my comfort zone. I think this will be a harder sell than Gmail ads. It is one thing to have a toolbar in your browser that sends back data to a server, but having a plugin for Outlook that is doing the same thing just does not sit right with me.

  3. But there’s one problem. Plaxo is incredibly annoying. Most people I know can’t stand it if someone they don’t know very well or care about sends them bulk mail to ask them to take some of their valuable time to enter information. So they can search. I know, they search from e-mail. I don’t think its something MSFT hasn’t already done in the labs (in fact, Office 2003 may have some of that capability built in but not turned on yet).

  4. What Todd’s referring to (on the “email scan” comment) is the ability to highlight text and search from that. It’s similar to right-clicking on highlighted words on a web page, using Google’s toolbar functionality.

  5. I think this move will have the unintended consequence of helping Microsoft defend themselves 7 years from now when they’ll be dominating paid search. They’ll be able to say ‘As Yahoo showed in its deal with Plaxo, users want search to be integrated within their favorite productivity suite…’

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