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The Google – YouTube Deal- coverage roundup

By - October 10, 2006

While CNet heralds a triumph for social computing (and asks marketers to face the music and get comfortable with UGC videos), CNN Money augurs “the beginning of the end?”

Dalka points to a few good, unanswered questions on the deal: Will the unprecedented operational independence Google’s giving YouTube provide enough distance to partially protect the buyer from copyright infringement lawsuits? And, will the users (now at over 20 million) stay if Google has to clean house?

Forever Geek discovers the zen in the new alliance: an alignment of cultures willing to fight against the copyright overlords, a similar knack for accumulating prized industry data, and the brand name.

A VC highlights, from an earlier post, how this startup landed the biggest acquisition offer Google has ever made–and in transit “kicked Google’s ass (and everyone else’s too).”

TechCrunch posted the original scoop on the rumor– ahead of most major media outlets, including the NYT, as the blogosphere was quick to note.

Mark Cuban plays a singular devil’s advocate in the dissent, on a count of the landslide of copyright violation suits to come. And in that prediction, of course, he’s no lone cassandra. Copyright suit magnet? asks the Journal.

Business Week discusses YouTube’s maneuvers to fend against suits, including a new ‘copyright fingerprint’ tag it will implement to allow owners of copyrighted materials to take part in the viral-sharing decision and subsequent ad revenue.

On the other side of the fence… Robert Scoble asks, what if was Microsoft that bought YouTube? In all fairness, Yahoo News runs an AP article entitled “Google eclipses rivals with YouTube.” (now that is editorial restraint.)

The YouTube co-founders, Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, have their celebratory clip joking, “The king of search and the king of video have gotten together— we’re going to have it our way.”

But it’s fair to say a YouTube user has created a more professional clip: a droll vid on what users can expect from the Google-YouTube honeymoon.

Friedman, Oil, Google, Dow Jones….

By - October 04, 2006

260699510 5596C591A7So I had an hour just now, an HOUR!!!, to do whatever I wanted to. And what did I do? I read my feeds. In one sitting. How nice it was. And here’s the highlights:

Haaaaaaaaahahahahaahaha….(via Danny)

Fred rants at the Times for putting important voices like Friedman behind the paywall. I agree.

Barrons and many others cover charges being filed against the HP folks.

Google does new AJAX search API, Gadgets, updated Groups, and a ton of other stuff (another post is coming on that…)

SearchMash – a “secret” place for Google to try new things.

Yesterday the Dow Jones hit a historical high. As I said to my wife – time to start squirreling money away, and perhaps we should consider moving money from those mutual funds to cash.

By the way, and totally random, but can anyone explain why oil prices have dropped so dramatically lately? I mean, really, besides just saying “Karl Rove made it happen”?

The winners of Yahoo Hack Day are here….

Paul likes stealth market research on Google, read more here….

I can’t keep up. Google Movies?!

1500 Diggs and still counting, and I wonder why…

Bebo on the rise in the UK…

It’s Ask sponsored listings news!