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By - April 02, 2007

I’m traveling for family reasons today, a few stories worth noting:

Topix Does the Citizen Journo Thang

Facebook is growing. A lot.

Blogging Code? Here’re FM’s Mores.

Google might buy DoubleClick after all. But…why? Oh wait, now I know. To push Microsoft to spend even more for it. If Google buys DoubleClick, I’ll eat this post.

Well done, EMI.

Yahoo is testing new approaches in search too.

New Orleans Google Maps kerfluffle.

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And In Other Reading…

By - March 27, 2007

GigaOm on Google and its video problem…

Google’s giving bikes out to employees, G B’scoped says. What, the Segway isn’t enough?

With respect, I disagree with #6 here. See this post.

Man, I wish I was at etech. I am missing it for the first time in three years. A roundup

More Google focus on mobile…and mobile ads are hot

Microsoft has a new search head…. (more)

Oh, via SEL, Timesearch. I love the concept.

More Panama good news.

So Yahoo is feeling generous, unlimited mail storage, TechCrunch reports

Wow, Best Buy bought my ISP. Huh.

The Microsoft iPhone.

Worth the Read

By - March 21, 2007

Wow, a lot in the feeds today. What I found particularly worthy:

Digesting Google’s PPA ads, from TechCrunch. I am still digesting. This is good analysis. I am ambivalent about the new text link ad unit, so is Mike. “They’ve crossed a hazy ethical line here” he says. The NYT covers it but does not dwell on the link ad unit.

Yahoo, Google Revs are similiar from SEW. Yahoo is in no way out of this game. It’s two ends to the middle, CPA/C to CPM.

Scoble continues to beat on his old employer’s search results.

Kedrosky is a robot spammer, Google says! Slow down, Paul!

is Web 2.0 Over?
from Venturebeat. Analysis of venture funding.

Google unveils the Plus Box. Click on the “plus sign” and you get more data. Innaresting.

The Kinderstart case is dismissed, Matt reports. Earlier coverage.

Where the ad growth is, from Lost Remote. Er…surprised?

Clarification from Google on net neutrality via GigaOm. This is not an easy issue to clarify…

Digg on Google clarifying its plan with phones. No hardware, folks.