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From the Feeds

By - June 03, 2007

What seems interesting as I catch up tonight:

Revealing The Sources Of Google News

Schmidt Calls Viacom’s $1B Lawsuit “Just A Mistake”

Where 2.0: Microsoft Adds to the 3D Web

Live Search Books: Now with In-Copyright Content

Mike Volpi, new Joost CEO


Google Maps zoom: here’s the device and vehicle behind it

The future of the music business…again

TiVo prepping a “mass appeal” HD DVR priced below Series 3

Chad … I Am Your Father … [D5]

Lose the Scorecard

Google Street View: would it be more/less evil if it were CIA or NSA?

Best Wikipedia category EVER

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This That

By - May 28, 2007

Stuff worth noting I missed near the end of the week, as I was traveling:

Blinkx goes public, soars.

FT has an op ed from Google’s global privacy counsel. This in response to the EU noise earlier this week.

Google and Dell taking some flack for approaches to software bundling.

Facebook gets generally positive reviews after its first developer conference. “The anti-Myspace” seems to be the buzz.

Cringely says it’s inevitable: Google will do itself in because there are more good ideas than the company can go after. I’m not convinced. Google may lose some folks to entreprenuerialism, but that’s entirely normal. The NYT covers how Google recruits.

From Ars: The Future of Google Mobile Search.

Bloggers are more connected than journalists. Huh. What if we’re both?

Yahoo testing linking to outside sites on homepage. Firehose, ho!