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From Today’s Ride: 20 Miles O’ Smiles

By - May 26, 2012

A good push on a demo’d 29er Marin this morning. A few highlights:

Mt. Tam, where I was headed, from Blithedale Ridge.

Tons of folks at West Point Inn today, which is about 2/3rds up Tam. It was the 100th anniversary of the Marin Municipal Water District and there was a band playing. But this shot looks South, away from the Inn, toward Tam.

Lastly, the view from near the top, on the way down Eldridge, toward Bon Tempe Lake and the open spaces of Fairfax and beyond. I do not recommend bombing down Eldridge on a hardtail 29er. Ouch.

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And Now, Your Moment of Zen

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Courtesy Mt Tam this morning. Sorry if it takes a bit to load, this is my first video post. If anyone knows how to make it just play natively, I’d love the tip. I tried it from mobile posting on my phone and it posted sideways….

Epic Sunday Ride

By - May 20, 2012

Remember, Searchbloggers, I’ve got a new RSS feed that you can consume so as to miss these non-work related posts.

A few pics from a 25-mile mountain bike ride I just completed with my son…

On way up, White Hill Trail as it goes under Sir Francis Drake Blvd.

And up on Pine Mtn. Trail, after a good climb…Ian’s the blue dot way down the trail…and that’s Mt. Tamalpais in the distance.

Wines From Last Week, 5.20 Edition

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Remember, Searchbloggers, I’ve got a new RSS feed that you can consume so as to miss these non-work related posts.

Meanwhile, it was a busy week, with the CM Summit in New York. Here are a few of the wines I enjoyed:

The closing dinner for the CM Summit speakers was great, I didn’t pick the wine, but I sure liked drinking it. It included:

…the I Perazzi La Mozza 09. I don’t know anything about Italian wine, except how to drink them.

Next up was the Dolcetto d’Alba Brandini. I recall this being rather so so.

The Bastianich Adriatico, which I could not seem to get a good shot of. By this time, not sure my palate was quite wine-worthy.

When I finally got home, after five days on the road, I opened this 2007 Macauley Cab from good old Napa. Wow. It really delivered.

And then on Saturday, my pal Mark at our local family pizzeria turned me onto this nicely priced and very deep Benovia 2010 Sonoma pinot. He had three extra bottles, I bought them all.


By - May 11, 2012

A very happy Friday night with my wife, mother in law, and kids (and tomatoes, kale, wild rice, et al), made round by this MacRostie Pinot, 2007. Yippee, it’s the weekend!

Two More Wines of the Week

By - May 10, 2012

From our pals at Belle Gloss. This is reasonably priced and rarely disappoints.


And I broke into my stash of Radio Coteau last night and tried the 2010 La Neblina Pinot. One word: Yep.

My RSS feed that will exclude these photos will be ready by Monday, I am told…if you want to see them in all their Pinboard glory, here’s a link to my Wine page on Pinterest.