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Jonathan Says…

By - March 22, 2006

Reader Jonathan says: Google and Amazon are both customers and partners – neither are presenting computation as a service (it turns out to be infinitely more complex than simple storage – esp. for enterprise deployment).

In the long run, we don’t want to be in the retail web service business…]]> Read More Read More

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Martin Writes..

By - March 08, 2006

Martin Writes: The move to web storage of data is irreversible. We will have data banks the way we have financial banks. Read More Read More

JG Wrote…

By - February 27, 2006

JG wrote: Wasn't there some similar sabre-rattling coming from Bill Gates a few months ago? Read More Read More


By - February 05, 2006

WebTod writes: Gossip about the rich and powerful is something new? It comes with the territory.

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As one…

By - February 02, 2006

Chris writes: As one of the few right-wing readers of BattelleMedia, it's my duty and privilege to make clear to you that the Bush administration being secretive about its domestic spying is *necessary*…. Read More Read More