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Reader Phillip Writes…

By - June 06, 2006

Reader Phillip Writes: Google HAD to do a spreadsheet because it is simply the best, most flexible, easy to use database currently available. It and Writey are nice big widgets, not serious standalone programs. The future is what you can do with them.

A spreadsheet gets data into Google in a slightly more structured format. Think a GUI for GoogleBase. Read More Read More

Reader RBA Writes

By - June 01, 2006

Reader RBA writes: I think the real problem here is that click fraud will skyrocket – not that it isn’t a problem already. It is a neat idea, in fact a very sharp one, but I feel it isn’t in synch with the crude “real world”.]]> Read More Read More

Kamal Writes…

By - May 02, 2006

Reader Kamal writes: IMHO, having a notion of initial default search engine and letting OEM set it for consumers is a major bargaining position for consumers. This way every search engine would pay money to OEMs to get themselves as initial default. OEMs in hyper-competitive PC market would pass the buck to the end users to make their PCs cheaper. Consumers win!!! Read More Read More

CorpDevDude writes….

By - March 30, 2006

Reader CorpDevDude writes: There's another factor at play besides maximizing shareholder return.
Ego. Does Zuckerberg want to be Chris DeWolfe (founder who sold) or does he want to be Jeff Bezos (founder who controls)? If you haven't noticed, Rupert (who probably doesn't even have a myspace profile) is getting ALL THE CREDIT for myspace's current success. Read More Read More