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Reader JG Writes

By - August 25, 2007

< ![CDATA[Reader JG writes: … YouTube ads like this fly in the face of everything “relevance” based …(it) is a complete reversal of everything [Google] ever stood for. A non-relevance-based graphical video overlay? How is that not just a banner ad? And wasn’t the whole fire and fury behind Google’s rise, Google’s takeover of the net, founded on a rejection of the “banner”, the DoubleClickian “gaudy and irrelevant”, approach to web advertising?

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Reader Yong Writes

By - June 11, 2007

Reader Yong writes: Regardless of this debate, google should be so intelligent as to take the necessary steps to prevent the abuse of its power. Instead of waiting for a disaster to happen, which may actually harm people.

Reader Mat Writes:

By - June 02, 2007

Reader Mat writes: If Google is solely a “technology and advertising” company, as you say, and their current business model undermines the very content production houses they rely upon for (bi-directional) traffic, then the company should have a very real interest in making sure those media companies stay afloat, for purely _business_ reasons

Reader Kamal Jain Writes…

By -

Reader Kamail Jain Writes: Google has a very clean home page. It has links to their advertisement products, may be useful, for 1% of their visitors who advertise on Google. But no link to their privacy policy, which is relevant for 100% of their users.]]> Read More Read More

Reader Dr. Pete Writes:

By - December 27, 2006

< ![CDATA[Reader Dr. Pete Writes: I’m reading too many comments that are calling this “human intelligence” and “wisdom of crowds” and contrasting that with Google. Isn’t algorithmically encapsulating the wisdom of crowds exactly what Google did?]]> Read More Read More