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Reader Henrik Writes…

By - December 07, 2010

Reader Henrik writes: Twitter is great for discovering new and interesting things, but for consistently good sources of information, nothing beats RSS.

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Andrew writes…

By - June 03, 2010

Reader Andrew writes: Paine’s Common Sense wasn’t a hastily put together reaction to something that happened that day (I think the personal correspondence of our founding fathers was more in line with blogging than their pamphlets).

Reader RupertG Writes…

By - December 04, 2008

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Reader RupertG writes: I’m not sure that there’s a huge great wobbly lump of wondermoney

sitting at the end of the real-time web search rainbow
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Reader Niall Writes…

By - October 21, 2008

< ![CDATA[Reader Niall writes: Facebook seems a lot less hot than when Mark was on stage a year ago. Many key employees, including co-founders, have left the company. What is Facebook doing to remain an employer of choice in Silicon Valley?]]> Read More Read More

Reader Jeremy Writes…

By - June 18, 2008

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Reader Jeremy Writes: [Yahoo] couldn’t get off the crack pipe…the Paid Inclusion model. It failed *everywhere*. [It] still can’t get off the crack.

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Reader Michael Megalli Writes

By - April 02, 2008

< ![CDATA[Reader Michael Megalli writes: It is difficult to engage in genuine conversations with the marketplace when you can’t change the reality of how a company does business, what it sells, how it works with partners, etc.]]> Read More Read More

Reader JG writes: Then

By - November 09, 2007

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Reader JG writes: Then again, power users don’t click ads. So maybe this is the elephant in the room that no one is talking about.
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