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Wines to Remember, July 2012

By - July 14, 2012

It’s been a good couple of weeks for good wine, so here’s the roundup thus far – mostly wines we’ve had while on the road in Colorado and New York.

The Cain Cuvee, Napa, is a blend that works with just about anything.

I’d never tried this Talisman Wildcat Mountain, Pinot, Carneros 07. It’s richer than most Pinots, which I prefer. On the wine list at our local favorite Picco.

In Colorado my pal Douglas broke out a few bottles of the 2002 Far Niente Cab. This is a very special wine.

Not sure what to get and not that price sensitive? Get the Sea Smoke Southing.

Mt. Harlan is a region that rarely produces anything but great grapes. This Calera 04 Pinot proves it.

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