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If Google Were Really Evil…

By - July 26, 2012

My morning routine was interrupted today in a big way – because Twitter was down. I hadn’t realized how much I depend on the service for any number of things, from tossing out the headline or two that I find interesting as I read my feeds, to checking the status of the conversation around stuff I’ve written the day before, to logging into other services I use through my Twitter account. In short, this morning when Twitter went down, much of my Internet experience did as well.

Huh.  Anyway, I wanted to see if this was a local thing, or if a lot of folks were experiencing it, so I went to Google+ and asked. Within a minute, I had ten responses, nine people said Twitter was down for them as well. In five minutes, it was 21 of 22. That’s a lot of engagement.

So I got to thinking….if Google was really evil, it’d do something like this when Twitter goes down:











I’m kidding, of course, but there are a heckuva lot of Chrome users who are getting this message from Chrome right now….and do every so often.  If Google really wanted to make a stir….

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  • Michael Kuhlmann

    Haha! That’s funny. Sadly, I still don’t think many people would care about G+. 

    • johnbattelle

      Just poking fun. Knowing Google, if they ever were to do this, they’d test the crap out of it, and it actually converted, well, the numbers are the numbers.

  • Daniel Fleck

    I don’t know how well that would work considering Google Talk was also having issues this morning…

    • johnbattelle

      It’s back up. Wonder what happened at Twitter. I can only imagine it was a total meltdown, because they are usually not down for this long.

  • Eric Black

    Also the kind of think that antirust suits are made of. 

    • johnbattelle

      I don’t know if that’s true. There’s nothing wrong with identifying a signal, and leveraging it. It’s what everyone does.

  • anuj_agarwal

    We don’t value a good coffee until we have a real bad one. 30 mins without twitter, and it seemed like i got handicapped. I just cudn’t do any browsing even outside twitter. Twitter is just 10x more awesome then i ever thought.

    • johnbattelle

      Well said.

      • anuj_agarwal

        John, how can i contact you. I would like to share with you the awesome work i have been working on for a while. If you don’t mind, could you please ping me at anuj.usc{@}gmail. I will follow up. Thanks.

        • johnbattelle

          I am silly easy to mail
          jbat at battellemedia dot com

          • anuj_agarwal

            Thanks John. i will follow up shortly.

          • Anuj Agarwal

            John, i just emailed you. 

  • smartmobilesigns

    Never heard that before