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Web 2: But Wait, There's More (And More….) – Best Program Ever. Period.

By - October 13, 2011

I appreciate all you Searchblog readers out there who are getting tired of my relentless Web 2 Summit postings. And I know I said my post about Reid Hoffman was the last of its kind. And it was, sort of. Truth is, there are a number of other interviews happening as well, ones that I am not personally doing. And I wanted to post a last chance for any of you to ask any of these folks questions as well. I’ll be in touch with the winners of the contest (details below) soon, but here are some other interviews of note:web2.png

U.S. Senator Ron Wyden, Oregon Interviewed by best-selling author of Game Change, John Heilemann.

Paul Otellini, CEO, Intel I am doing this one, but it’s quite short as Paul is also doing a short presentation, so I figured a call for questions might not be needed.

Ben Horowitz, General Partner, Andreessen Horowitz Heilemann is also doing this one.

Dr. Ann Cavoukian, Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario, Canada & David Vladeck, FTC Bureau of Consumer Protection Moderated by Alex Macgillivray, the GC of Twittter. How cool is that?

John Partridge, President, Visa Inc. & Dan Schulman, Group President for Enterprise Growth, American Express I’m doing this one, but given it’s a three way dialog, I figured a call for questions might be more than we’ll be able to incorporate.

Quantifying Entrepreneurship with Bill Maris and Graham Spencer. Another one of my very short interviews, this time with the principals behind Google Ventures.

Jack Tretton, President & CEO, Sony Computer Entertainment of America Interviewed by the overly qualified Jane McGonigal.

Tim Westergren, Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, Pandora  Interviewed by Adam Lashinsky of Fortune.

Bret Taylor, Chief Technology Officer, Facebook Another short one, which may go long if I have my way….

This program is the best I’ve ever put together, and the most thematic (the Data Frame). Even if you are not coming, take a look at who is, and check the site for the live stream. It’s going to be epic.

And once again, below are pointers to the folks where I did ask for comments. Feel free to add more, and to add comments on any of the folks above. All will be eligible to win free tickets to next week’s show. Hope to see you there!

Mark Pincus, John Donahoe, Marc Benioff, Dick Costolo, Michael Dell, Mary Meeker, Michael Roth, Steve Ballmer, James Gleick, Vic Gundotra, Ross Levinsohn, the Quora founders.

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