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Help Me Interview the Founders of Quora (And Win Free Tix to Web 2)

By - October 11, 2011

cheever.jpegNext up on the list of interesting folks I’m speaking with at Web 2 are Charlie Cheever and Adam D’Angelo, the founders of Quora. Cheever and D’Angelo enjoy (or suffer from) Facebook alumni pixie dust – they left the social giant to create Quora in 2009. It grew quickly after its public launch in 2010, inspiring some to claim it was the best structured Q&A site ever. They’ve also snagged funding led by Benchmark. As far as I know, this is the duo’s first major on stage interview together.

I’ve used Quora, a bit, and probably will be using it a lot as I start researching my book in earnest. But I’m curious as to how the service scales beyond its current place as a repository of quality – yet incomplete – knowledge. I’m also curious about its business model.

What are you curious about with regard to Quora? What should I ask its founders?

d'angelo.jpegAs an extra incentive, I’ll be picking the best three questions from these series of posts (see below and watch for more). The authors of those questions will get complimentary passes to Web 2 – a more than $4000 value. So get to commenting, and thank you!

Previously: Mark Pincus, John Donahoe, Marc Benioff, Dick Costolo, Michael Dell, Mary Meeker, Michael Roth, Steve Ballmer, James Gleick, Vic Gundotra, Ross Levinsohn.

Next up: Reid Hoffman, founder of LinkedIn and longtime Valley investor.

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7 thoughts on “Help Me Interview the Founders of Quora (And Win Free Tix to Web 2)

  1. What’s the vision for the Quora API?

  2. Semil Shah says:


    Here’s a collection of all of my posts and answers that are “about” Quora:


  3. John says:

    that’s great, thanks!

  4. 1) Do you think Quora can compete with blogging?
    2) Quora’s success has embedded a new standard in the social graph by creating a knowledge and information sharing hub. But unlike other Q&A sites like Stack Overflow there is not merit-based system. How do you compel users to come back and why does it work?

  5. Eric Strait says:

    1. What pivotal life circumstances have helped shape you and mold you with the drive for success?

    2. What are some of your previous failures that you have learned a great deal from?

    3. Can you name 3 odd jobs that you have had outside of tech?

  6. First of all: Thanks for creating such a COOL service!!! 😀

    In my opinion puts too much emphasis on “the one right answer” (for most questions, there is no one right answer that will remain valid for all time). Insofar as quora is a general Q&A site, there should be more emphasis on reaching consensus rather than separating the wheat from the chaff (cf. ) I enjoy being enriched by different points of view, and I think quora could become very successful if the rules were not as strict, especially considering that the world is so complex and for the most part remains a puzzle (i.e., very little — if anything at all — has been “solved”). I appreciate the way the wiki is intended to separate the gist from the long-winded responses (like this one ;).

    To cut to the chase: What are you doing to make participating @ both a simple (quick + easy) and also an entertaining (enjoyable, fun, rewarding, etc.) experience?

    🙂 nmw

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