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Help Me Interview James Gleick, Author, The Information (And Win Free Tix to Web 2)

By - October 08, 2011

Gleick.jpegDay Three kicks off with James Gleick, the man who has written the book of the year, at least if you are a fan of our conference theme. As I wrote in my review of “The Information,”

Gleick’s book tells the story of how, over the past five thousand or so years, mankind has managed to create symbols which abstract meaning and intent into forms that are communicable beyond time and space….The work really picks up speed as it describes the rise of early telecommunications, the role of information in mid century warfare, and the birth of both genetic sciences and the computing industry. In the end, Gleick seems to be arguing, it’s all bits – and I think most of us in this industry would agree. But I think Gleick’s definition of “bit” may differ from ours, and while it may be esoteric, it’s there I want to really focus when he visits Web 2 in October.

James and I spoke on the phone yesterday, and I’m looking forward to our conversation. But it could use your input. What do you want to ask one of the most important chroniclers of our story working today?

As an extra incentive, I’ll be picking the best three questions from these series of posts (see below and watch for more). The authors of those questions will get complimentary passes to Web 2 – a more than $4000 value. So get to commenting, and thank you!

Previously: Mark Pincus, John Donahoe, Marc Benioff, Dick Costolo, Michael Dell, Mary Meeker, Michael Roth, Steve Ballmer. Next up: Vic Gundotra.

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5 thoughts on “Help Me Interview James Gleick, Author, The Information (And Win Free Tix to Web 2)

  1. Adam says:

    This might be a bit of a stretch, but it’d be interesting to hear his answer:

    Does our thought process have an effect what transpires in the real world, gravitationally speaking? If it does, where will we be in 5 years?

  2. A lot of research focuses upon discrete bits of information, unique properties and behaviors. How might we look into combinatorial bits, combined and re-combined, layered, mixed, flavored, tinted…. to determine new stimulae and new solutions in the future?

  3. Samir R says:

    What does “information is physical” really mean? Here is an article that expresses some discomfort with the notion:

    It would be great to get Mr. Gleick’s feedback on this.

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