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Yahoo IPO vs. Facebook IPO

By - January 10, 2011

From Paid Content, a tale of two very different eras:

Yahoo In 1996

Age: 1 year

Annual sales: $1.3 million

Net loss: $0.6 million

Total raised in IPO: $33.8 million

Market value at close: $848 million

Employees: 49

Facebook In 2012

Age: 8 years

Annual sales: $1.2 billion-plus

Net income: $355 million-plus (2010 estimates)

Last valuation: $50 billion

Employees: 2,000-plus

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5 thoughts on “Yahoo IPO vs. Facebook IPO

  1. bruce wayne says:

    How telling and said it is that we live in a time where a company “Facebook” can generate 1.2 billion in revenue and have a 50 billion dollar valuation…all generated on the back of members….that seem to except the fact that”Facebook” generate billion from their content/information and returns no of this monetary value to its member community

  2. Dave Orr says:

    I think you mean 1996 for Yahoo!, not 2006.

  3. John says:

    bruce, yes, I fixed that. Thanks.

  4. Nick Lamothe says:

    It would be interesting to compare where Facebook was at after 1 year to Yahoo! after one year, and Yahoo! after 8 years to Facebook after 8.

  5. Vici says:

    Yes, i agree with Nick… It would be cool to compare statistics both from start and both now.