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At Web 2 Summit…Here's the LiveStream!

By - November 15, 2010

Postings have been and, through this week, will continue to be pretty light. The reason: I’m hosting, with my partner Tim O’Reilly, the seventh annual Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco.

There should be a lot of news here, starting with some of our own – for the first time ever the Web 2 Summit will be livestreamed, for free, to anyone. The stream can be embedded anywhere, so I’m adding it to this site below. If you can’t make it in person, well, now you can check it out on the web.

Enjoy! (Update – so far, nearly 75,000 folks have watched the livestream. That’s pretty cool – about one hundred times the number of folks in the room at any give time!)

web20tv on Broadcast Live Free

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9 thoughts on “At Web 2 Summit…Here's the LiveStream!

  1. börekcim says:

    Thanks you very much John! I need to it..

  2. CHAT says:

    thanskk very mchh artctle god

  3. Thank you very much for the video and the best of luck with hosting the Web 2.0 summit!

  4. Sam says:

    thanks for your nice post

  5. Very cool! 😀

    Location is now a concept that is no longer geographically based. (someone much smarter than I said that a couple years ago and it totally blew my mind 😉

    In the spirit of “give them an inch and they demand a yard” — would it perhaps also be possible to offer mp3 files in order to breathe some more intellect into my jogging program?

    That would be super-cooled!

    ;D nmw

  6. Sam says:

    i am glade to heard that

  7. Andrei says:

    Thanks for the livestream!

  8. I absolutely love this post.