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Skype Files for IPO – Is This a Trend?

By - August 09, 2010

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As I was reading through the Demand Media S1 (more on that as soon as I get a bit smarter on a few financial issues), I noticed that Skype just filed to go public.

Wow. Here’s the S1. It’s another Goldman/Morgan joint, with JP Morgan in there as well.

From what I can tell, Skype has a complicated financial profile, due no doubt to its life inside eBay. But once again, this is a company that, when you clear out the accounting gymnastics, looks to have a pretty interesting profit potential. And it clearly has scale.

More as I read through it.

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One thought on “Skype Files for IPO – Is This a Trend?

  1. lilywhite says:

    No, Skype is one of the great tech companies in the world with a great business model and millions of paying customers.

    By comparison, Demand Media is a joke.