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The Latest Signals, For All You RSS Junkies

By - May 17, 2010

As I do every three Signals or so, here are the links for you RSS readers out there. And for all you readers trying to decipher what I’m on about, there are hints all over these roundups. Not that you’re paying attention that closely, but still, the threads are there.

Tuesday Signal: Consider This

Monday Signal: The Open Book

Friday Signal: Thank God It’s Not Monday

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One thought on “The Latest Signals, For All You RSS Junkies

  1. Lester Puppo says:

    Very interesting approach. Besides it is simple and clear and , in my opinion, that is one of the ways in which you get the message to the audience. As a matter of fact I think it will be taken as an example for all those using the RSS reader tool.

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