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No no no! It's not about geeky sh*t. It's about the future of commerce!!!!

By - May 17, 2010

We trigger happy blogging geeks often get in our own way. Witness this Mashable article about an important patent granted to Apple. First, thank you Mashable, for pointing out this patent.

But you miss the point!

First, the patent:

Apple has essentially patented the ability to sync actions between two or more devices. This could be something as simple as adding a to-do to my calendar on my Mac and having it automatically sent to my phone. Or I could create a list on my phone and, based on the parameters, have that list shared with my fiancé on his device.

Now the point. This is NOT about sharing contacts with a pal, or lists with your fiance, no matter how swell he might be.

This is about the Gap Scenario. Pure and simple. Think about it….

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2 thoughts on “No no no! It's not about geeky sh*t. It's about the future of commerce!!!!

  1. Brian says:

    The capability to sync devices, services, and individuals is the key to unlocking the long-promised value of the Internet.

    Look at history. This innovation is almost exactly the same as the cue tone, perhaps television’s least-heralded yet most important technology. This simple device enabled the highly lucrative modern-day television business model by enabling networks to sync content, and consequently deliver a seamless experience. Thanks to the cue tone, local television broadcasters and then cable operators could aggregate content from multiple suppliers while selling local advertising.

    Similarly, the Apple innovation allows for rich experiences by enabling heretofore undiscovered partners to add value to your experience. “You” may not know them, but the Gap store you just entered does — and trusts them to add value to your stay.

  2. Lester Puppo says:

    I read the Mashable article as well. And I have to say I was ok with their insight but now that I read this you have a point, a very valuable one. And as a matter of fact, the GAP Scenario term is very descriptive.