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Help BigThink Interview…Me!

By - April 23, 2010


Next week, as part of HP’s sponsored Input/Output series, I’ll be interviewed by the folks at BigThink.  

Here’s the link to the webcast. I hope you’ll join. I’m proud to be part of this program, as past guests have included best selling thinkers/authors like Chris Anderson and James Surowiecki. I’ve got big shoes to fill, and I need your help to fill em.

With my role at Web 2 and the CM Summit, I’m usually the one interviewing folks, so the tables are being turned and I’m the one in the hot seat. This is your chance to ask me anything – whether it’s about my writings here, my views on key industry players, my role at Federated Media, my predictions for the year, or my favorite color for that matter. The interview is focused on a theme, one that anyone who reads this site knows well – “Marketing in the New Normal.” Of course, the new normal is the real time, social, and mobile web.

So, help me out – what do you want to hear from me about? Leave your questions here, or tweet them out to me with hashtag #hpio.

I look forward to your input!

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8 thoughts on “Help BigThink Interview…Me!

  1. Hi John, What I’d like to hear you talk about is the place that hand-crafted, premium content has is today’s world of scraper sites and outfits like Demand Media and Mahalo, which pull together “made for search engines” content that is very generic and not all that helpful to the reader, but tends to get a lot of search traffic. Is that the future? And how do premium content providers — whether they are mainstream media like the Times, or lovingly created blog posts by individuals — compete?

    – Anita

  2. Joel says:


    I’d love you to talk about all of us little people..the ones with great content and low traffic. How can networks like FM help the little guy bring in some ad revenue?

    (Great PR opportunity, John!)

    Thank you!

    The Franchise King®

  3. Joshua says:

    Potentially a bit off topic but I’m curious… You talk about “points of control”, what can history tell us about what’s in store for Apple, Facebook, & Google based on what has happened with AOL, MSN, & Yahoo since the days when they ruled.

  4. Have companises been slow to embrace this new marketing normal?What innovative marketing ideas will evolve which will shape how marketing is done on social media? Do you see a big marketing role played by location based services?

  5. Simon says:

    3 Questions.

    1. Do you think our kids will be as worried about where the web is headed in terms of privacy as we are?
    2. If Google is morphing into a software company as you outline, do they run the risk of focusing more on protecting the kingdom rather than continuing to innovate (a la Microsoft)?
    3. The last week has seen 2 relative newcomers to the web stamp tremendoous authority on the entire ecosystem (ie FB and Twitter). As you say, Google can’t out Facebook Facebook and they certainly can’t outtweet Twitter. What if FB and Twitter don’t want to play with Google?

  6. ComboApp says:

    John, I would really love you to address the question about balancing between the original idea, which stands behind Facebook and Twitter as the social networks and its monetization. How far can these sites founders can go / should go with allowing commercial ads being exposed to its users?

    After all both sites are meant to be for people to communicate but not buy something. Or can be avoid this “buy something here to” trend at all at this day and age?

  7. John Best of luck from my side..u should to go in Dark Blue

  8. Mauricio says:

    Hi John, I would like to know your opinion about how far the minipreneurs concept, allowed by web 2.0, can go? Can we expect individuals increasingly addressing other individuals’ demands through virtual marketplaces and by doing so, replacing large corporations? Good luck