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FM Signal: Wired's "iPad Demo"

By - March 14, 2010

I’ve posted Monday’s Signal over at the FM blog. From it:FM-signal-header.gif

What I find interesting is the media’s response to the iPad (and I include tech blogs in the category of “media”). Overwhelmingly, the media wanted to believe that a hip magazine like Wired (caveat, I was a co-founder) would, natch, have the hippest iPad demo, a demo that, natch, would prove the viability of … the media’s own threatened business model!

The truth, however, is a bit more complicated.

The Wired demo was pretty much the starting gun for a month of media frenzy about how great the iPad is going to be. Wired’s own posting about its demo is titled “Wired Magazine on the iPad”.

However, the truth is this: This demo was made using Adobe software (not available in native runtime on the iPad) and run off a Dell laptop. I’ve confirmed this with Adobe. Also true: the software used to create the demo will absolutely NOT create or compile apps that work natively on the iPad. And this is due to decisions made by Apple. Yes, there is a kludgy workaround that Adobe has authored, but it’s handicapped, to say the least. As much as the Apple would like to claim it has banned Adobe for technical reasons, by all accounts outside of Cupertino, Apple has banned Adobe due to control and economic issues: It simply doesn’t want developers able to create software from which Apple won’t profit.

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2 thoughts on “FM Signal: Wired's "iPad Demo"

  1. bigjobsboard says:

    I really think that iPad is jsut a larger version of the iPhone. I would rather get a new iPhone than getting an iPad.

  2. ‘It simply doesn’t want developers able to create software from which Apple won’t profit.’
    As far as I’m concerned that’s fine – I fully admit I have a vested interest… if Apple are making money I’m making money!
    Apple have – single-handedly as far as hardware platform – wrestled control from the Network Providers and created a very successful ecosystem for developers to make money; I’m not the only grateful person.
    And at least Apple have the decency to be straight with developers on how much each makes out of the deal… would that GOOG started sharing the working of AdSense with their ‘partners’ in the same way…