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3.3.10 – Weds. Signal

By - March 03, 2010

Today will be light, I’m preparing for a talk at the Omniture Summit. Outside my window are majestic peaks capped in snow, it’s hard to be here and not even have time to go outside, much less hit the slopes. But time is precious, so let’s get to the news of the past 24 hours:

Apple Eyes HTC in Latest Patent Lawsuit (Mashable) Unquestionably the biggest news of the past day, and another salvo in the ongoing war for control of the mobile marketplace. Apple v. Google is starting to make Apple v. Microsoft or Microsoft v. Google look like small stakes. Sure, Apple sued HTC, but HTC makes Google’s most popular Android phones. It’s something of a proxy.

Facebook Analytics War Heats Up (ClickZ) Announced here at the Omniture Summit, a deal between Facebook and Omniture to help marketers leverage Facebook’s advertising platform. More also here: Facebook And Omniture Deepen Their Ties For Analytics And Marketing

Live from the Omniture Summit: The New Principles of A Successful CMO (Forrester) Coverage of Ominture chief’s keynote.

How Companies Are Using Your Social Media Data (Mashable) I had dinner last night with someone who makes a practice of paying attention to publicly available data in unique ways, then profiting from it. We are all wise to remember how much data there really is out there, and how many patterns might be found in it if we only ask interesting questions.

Social Capital: The Currency of the Social Economy (Brian Solis) I think adding gaming and social currency to publishing is a Next Big Thing.

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2 thoughts on “3.3.10 – Weds. Signal

  1. Benoit F says:

    John, Your head lines used to be interesting, more than most. I read at least half of your posts. But a while back you started writing headlines like “3.3.10 – Weds. Signal” on many posts. A headline like that offers no “navigation”, no “nerve”, nothing. Get back to old shool headlines. This is most important at Twitter since you will hardly get any attention in that environment with tweets like “date, signal, link”. Check your click statistics if you dont believe me.

    Otherwise good journalism

  2. John says:

    You are right, Beniot. I’ll focus on this more in the future.