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3.02.10 Tuesday Signal

By - March 02, 2010

Off to Salt Lake later today for the Omniture Summit. I’ve been spending a fair amount of time studying marketing platforms of one kind or another, and will be spending a lot more time on it in the future. I’ve got a few theories as to where they’re headed, and the role technology plays in the future of marketing. What I find important about tools like Omniture is that they allow marketers to act like true publishers online (among other things of course). More on that in coming Signals. Today, however, is a bevy of shorter items. To wit:

DSPs Stir Up Drama (MediaWeek) Along the lines of my ongoing fascination with platforms. “Demand side platforms” are created by agencies looking to consolidate buying power and add their own value on top. Premium publishers don’t like them much. From the piece: “DSPs, such as VivaKi (Publicis) and Cadreon (IPG), were a hot topic last week at the Interactive Advertising Bureau annual confab in Carlsbad, Calif., with publisher sentiments ranging from wariness to downright paranoia. And conversations with publishers revealed a sentiment that premium sites should opt out of selling this way. Said Brian Quinn, vp/gm, ad sales for the Wall Street Journal Digital Network: “If people want to buy from us, we want them to call us.” On the flip side, many agency execs doubt that publishers can hold such a tough stance as online buying becomes more automated.”

I’m going to go back to Chicago and New York in the coming two weeks to investigate this and form a stronger POV.

Understanding the Participatory News Consumer (Pew) This research sparked a bevy of news items. Everyone read it a bit differently, but the main conclusions: people go to lots of places to get there news, they consume it offline and on, mobile is a growing market, and we are very participatory (37% have contributed in one way or another to a news site). Big news: The Web is bigger than newspapers now for delivering the news.

Google, Microsoft Spar Over Antitrust (WSJ) This drama won’t go away soon.

Foursquare wants to be the mayor of location apps (O’Reilly) Interview with CEO of Foursquare. He’ll be at the CMSummit this June in NYC.

No Lie! Your Facebook Profile Is the Real You (Wired) Money quote: “Facebook is so true to life, Back claims, that encountering a person there for the first time generally results in a more accurate personality appraisal than meeting face to face, going by the results of previous studies.”

Human Culture, an Evolutionary Force (NYT) I’ve always believed this, and with the Internet, I believe this process is speeding up. This is why I write about the intersection of tech, culture, media.

Striving to Map the Shape-Shifting Net (NYT) Do you know what a yottabyte is? You will.

Marketing Budgets Spiral Toward Social (eMarketer) Spiral?!

4A’s Roundup: Yahoo’s Bartz Talks Data; Huffington Beyond The Paywall (PaidContent)

Adobe Opens Up About Apple, HTML5 and Flash [VIDEO] (Mashable)

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One thought on “3.02.10 Tuesday Signal

  1. Jeff Baker says:

    John, looking forward to your insights on marketing technology. Marketing is one of the last disciplines in the Enterprise to embrace and leverage technology fully. Lots of exciting opportunites and possibilities…