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Tuesday Signal

By - February 02, 2010

A quick set of headlines today, more coming later, after a morning PTA meeting….

Google Is Wrecking DoubleClick, Says Unhappy Client (GOOG) (Business Insider) I’m a DBCLK client and this does not ring true for me, though of course there are always issues with any major business relationship.

Forget Common Sense: Social Media Communicators Must Have Empathy (Shannon Paul) I feel this one.

The Bestest 2009 Industry vet Marc Ruxin always nails it in his annual round up of the best films and music.

Google’s tablet UI concept pictures (Neowin) Oh Lord, it’s a tablet war.

CBS Sells Out Super Bowl Commercials (LA Times) Well that’s not surprising – it’s rare these days to find a place where you can launch a real platform program.

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3 thoughts on “Tuesday Signal

  1. Tony Severs says:

    Google’s tablet looks real cool. I’d bet it’ll be a tad bit better than Apple’s. Can’t wait to see it in my hands.

  2. Shannon says:


    Thanks so much for linking to my post on empathy; it was a very pleasant surprise. Even though I haven’t commented here in the past, I’m a regular reader or yours and admittedly a bit of a fan 🙂

    I always appreciate your perspective because you are one of those who encourage me to think bigger and broader while keeping at least one eye on the horizon.

    This made my day.

  3. John says:

    Thanks Shannon, I loved finding your site too!