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A Google Twitter Killer? Not Till Google Mutates

By - February 08, 2010

Screen shot 2010-02-08 at 11.52.49 AM.pngThat’s the rumor (BI via WSJ). The idea is to let Gmail become your portal into status update.  

It won’t work, period, unless it connects to Facebook and Twitter. And so far, as I’ve pointed out before, Google won’t do that, at least, not yet, and and certainly not in the way it should be done.

Google is simply not understood by consumers to be a place where they can connect with friends and colleagues. If it intends to become that, it has some DNA mutation in its future.

This one should be interesting.  

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7 thoughts on “A Google Twitter Killer? Not Till Google Mutates

  1. Jaan says:

    I think thye will push Google Wave onto all Gmail users one day.

  2. starney says:

    They will buy Facebook or Twitter. Mark your calendar.

  3. Amelia Vargo says:

    They will probably buy facebook and/or Twitter.

  4. cleondann says:

    Hi… This is cleon dann after long time. Nice update. I like to read blogs on battellemedia. Google are not a usual updater like other search engines. but whatever they do are stylish and in classic style.

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  5. disagree with you says:

    I use gmail as my work platform and I’m already putting my status in gmail because most of my contacts have gmail open all the time.

    Gmail is tolerated in a work environment, facebook & msn are less serious. Twitter takes advantage of its tinyinterface that can be integrated to any webpage (just like igoogle)

  6. Oops says:


    You were wrong about that one then. All integrated…

  7. ann says:

    you expressed my sentiments exactly! I use gmail and I can’t see myself getting into the google update thing…