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4 thoughts on “Fred Dictates a Blog Post

  1. Fred says:

    that’s exactly the point i was trying to make john. glad it came through, even if it was garbled

  2. People who don’t understand natural language have been predicting that speech recognition is just a couple years off for many decades.

    Isn’t gonna happen — not in my lifetime, not in my kids’ lifetime, not in a very long time.

    What people like Kurzweil overlook is that pattern recognition doesn’t really work on a moving target. (duh)

    O_O nmw

  3. starney says:

    I agree with Norbert. Best company in the world in this area is IBM. They have been working on NLP for decades. It’s better than it used to be but will not get to a point of commercial success — to be used online as a new interface within the next few decades.

  4. Andrew S says:

    Speech recognition has been terrific for years, nearly a decade! Ask any typer who’s had RSI.

    The real problem is getting computers to understand what you mean, not dictating what you say.