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Twitter is .. Developing

By - December 09, 2009

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Twitter is rolling a ton of features and announcements this week, coinciding both with Le Web in Paris and its own ongoing development as a platform. A roundup:

– Twitter is opening up its “firehose” of tweets to all comers “in early 2010”. This is a very big deal. Before, developers had limited access to the Twitterverse. This means the ecosystem has tons more oxygen to work with.

New sign up approach. This fixes a problem where it was hard for developers to sign up and in folks from third party sites (you had to send folks back to Twitter before). This will aid in Twitter sign ups from third party developers. A big deal.

– Twitter is embracing its own developer community by underwriting a developer conference, Chirp, which has been key to nearly every major tech platform in the history of the Valley.

The company is clearly gearing up for a big 2010 in terms of features, and had decided that developers and the developer ecosystem is key to its growth. I agree completely.

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2 thoughts on “Twitter is .. Developing

  1. Chromebook says:

    Thanks for the headsup… Time to get familiar with their API!

  2. james says:

    The opening up of the ‘twitterverse’ will be very beneficial to Twitter, allowing a greater interaction of users and Twitter.

    This is very similar to a project I’m working on, where we’re opening up the entire production process of a feature film. Not only are users able to see every detail of the production process, but they’ll be able to weigh in on key production decisions to make the film their own. Check us out!