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Congrats AOL

By - December 09, 2009

AOL was finally set free today, years after it should have been. Congrats to the AOL team and Tim Armstrong, and I imagine, to the Time Warner folks who managed to destroy so much value by blaming everything on the merger in the first place (sure, it was a bad deal, but man, AOL was not the reason Time Inc. went south!).

Read my rant asking Time Warner to set it free back in March of 2004 here.

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6 thoughts on “Congrats AOL

  1. cleondann says:

    Congratulation for AOL… I really want AOL to stand in race with google and yahoo… It has also nice interface…

  2. kpaul says:

    What’s an AOL? 😉

    There are far too few media company owners , imho…


  3. Mark says:

    “set free today” link is broken.

  4. John says:

    Thanks Mark, fixed that…

  5. eternal september says:

    me too

  6. rick says:

    pretty sure needing to be an AOL subscriber in order to read People, Time and SI online back in the early 2Ks had something to do w. Time Inc’s problems…