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6 thoughts on “Can Someone Please Do Annual Search Lists on Jan 1?

  1. Peynir says:

    Search engines is very much influenced death so be first Michael Jackson seems to be quite normal, but other months I think twitter will win.

  2. remmy says:

    You missed one additional question: Is Yahoo qualified to do these lists anymore? Carol Bartz said they are NOT a search engine. You can’t have it both ways Yahoo!

  3. But then, why does the U.S. government end its fiscal year on September 30?

    Why do we celebrate Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday of November?

    Why is Labor Day held on the first Monday of September.

    Why do we have to “Spring Forward/Fall Back”?

    Why don’t railroads set the local time for us any more?

    Why does Congress avoid a full investigate hearing for Area 51?

  4. Gealach says:

    As I browsed the lists, I came up with a possible answer to your question. I found myself wanting to search for some of the items mentioned to find out what they were – Maybe they publish the lists in December so that curious readers like myself don’t skew the results for the next year.

  5. Google money says:

    I think there is option in yahoo to search that way

  6. peynir says:

    In fact, if another perspective to these search results in general search sites like facebook or twitter in the competition and who set out ahead is seen as a factor in the large can.