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Why Did Google Buy AdMob?

By - November 10, 2009

Look. Sure, it’s a mobile ad platform, and sure, Google wants to play there, more than they already are. OK. Fine. But really. What’s the play?




Iphone App Data.



Data. Just to be clear. Data. About what works, on iPhone apps, so they can leverage it…for Droid.


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8 thoughts on “Why Did Google Buy AdMob?

  1. I was thinking the exact same thing. Except I accidentally left out a Droid. You cleared it up for me.

  2. Ouriel says:

    Yep John

    this is precisely what i blogged about yesterday + a couple of other things. Google owns the iPhone second most important revenue line for developers after paid apps..(access to developer)

  3. jenkins says:

    It’s ad serving scale, too. AdMob beat Google in terms of ads served on iPhone apps and mobile in general. The data is important but scale is even more important to Google.

  4. Exactly. I Tweeted the same idea yesterday. This is Google’s typical MO. It’s always about the data. I once had a conversation with a long-time Googler who said the company already has access to so much data that they can’t possibly parse through it all and that it was one of the biggest challenges they faced as a company. But just having the data puts them ahead of everyone else. It’s about control.

  5. haber says:

    These words already in the google search engine a few of the most desired word

  6. Personally, I Think Google bought the next Google…on the paid side of the equation. Visually, mobile is a small space. That means AdMob style ads, which dominate monetized real estate, will contend to become the dominant monetization method. This should pay-off in droves.

  7. jenkins says:

    Eric Schmidt said why: Scale. They already have their ad code on thousands of apps. You cannot use much of the data on the iPhone platform. It’s just scale, plain and simple.

  8. Klima says:

    Thank you Jenkins. Good idea!