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I Love It When…

By - November 18, 2009

You imagine something out loud in a book, and then it starts to happen….

I am sure many of you have heard of RedLaser, but I hadn’t until today. I love it!

Here’s the text from my blog post, written in 2004 (pre iPhone, so I used a Treo…) which I rewrote into the book:

What to do? Not to worry, you’ve got Google Mobile Shop installed on your phone. You whip out your Treo 950, the one with the infrared UPC reader installed, and you wand it over that bottle of 2001 Clos Du Val now lovingly cradled in your arms. In less than a second a set of options is presented on the phone’s screen ….

Here’s the video on the app:

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8 thoughts on “I Love It When…

  1. Mike says:

    I totally remember reading your original post about this! Must be pretty nutty to see things coming into fruition.

  2. man you must be God or at least a prophet. i have 5 people on my Google reader and you are one of them

  3. Rob says:

    Yes, i got this app a few weeks ago. Its fantastic… and a hint of potentially massive things to come.

  4. John Anderson says:

    Barcode Scanner has done this on the T-Mobile G1 almost since day one of the launch.

  5. Make sure they pay you a royalty!

  6. Hi John,

    I’ve got a couple blog post to share with you:

    GigantiCo – Mobile Phone Codes – 01/2007

    Ever heard of the CueCat?


    GigantiCo – iPhone 2.0 (?) – 06/2007

    Rumor is the new iPhone will sport an RFID reader (Apple has been awarded related patents)

  7. cleon says:

    I think that is a coolest product i have heard… bar code scanning feature in a Iphone.. Awesome informative blog.. keep that good work… going

    cleon dann

  8. Peynir says:

    With the last thoughts on our mind will be able to ipod soon:)