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Web 2 Summit: Evan Williams

By - October 26, 2009

Big week last week for Twitter, two deals with two search powerhouses, new revenue, and new traffic will flow due to both. I asked about the pending search deals deep into the interview but Evan plays coy, the announcements come the following day.

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2 thoughts on “Web 2 Summit: Evan Williams

  1. Gus says:

    Much of this interview seems somewhat disingenuous given that John’s company is currently selling integrated media deals that provide access to Twitter data and placements on the Twitter home page. Ever heard of Microsoft Exectweets? John talks all about the money – as if he is a journalist – but the truth is he is actively involved in finding ways for Twitter to make money? Is this not a conflict?

  2. Light says:

    Love the interview; thanks for providing it here. That’s two smart dudes sitting down for a chat!