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Please Stop The Chattering Teeth.

By - October 02, 2009

deeply annoying ad.pngWhoever is running these chattering teeth ads, cursing the Internet to another round of Punch The Monkey crap creative and all the consequences therein, STOP IT.  

But it’s really all our fault, isn’t it? Premium sites run remnant ad networks, and crap like this gets through faster than we can beat it back. We really do need some kind of crowdsourced feedback system so ads as annoying as this one get beat down, quickly, and never show up again, except to those who really want to see them. Who, I imagine, are the same folks who buy Chia pets late at night off infomercial programming.

Oh, wait, there is a feedback button here! But clearly, it’s not being used! Why? Because it requires you fill out a multiple choice, ten question form! Which I did, but then returned an error message. That’s doubly annoying – I took the time to inform CBS that this ad sucked, and my time was wasted. ARGH!!!!

Hey CBS (and all of us – including FM, which has run this ad due to our relationship with ad networks) these ads SUCK. Stop it!!!!

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6 thoughts on “Please Stop The Chattering Teeth.

  1. W Gordon says:

    Those are real? I saw them on Something Awful and thought that they were so bad that they must have been jokes.

  2. Been feeling like that for a while (

    Facebook ads are a step in the right direction: if you don’t respect your users by letting them provide easy feedback, how can you expect them to click on your ads ?

  3. Patrick says:

    They are running also on since weeks. annoying.

  4. Celeste says:

    I’ve seen these ads all over the place! I’ve tried answering the feedback questionnaire and, you are right, it ends in an error message. What a pain in the neck!!

  5. I’m glad you said it, John. That’s why I like Hulu’s “Like/Dislike this ad” buttons. I sometimes will click on either button, despite the fact people only seem to rate the things they like:

    Sadly, though, did you inadvertently do some free advertising for them by posting the images? 🙂


  6. Henry says:

    I have to say that these kind of ads suck!
    I can see them almost everywhere.
    so annoying and disturbed.
    Please get out of our sight!