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Briefly Noted

By - September 22, 2009

Tim A. – who I will interview at Web 2 next month – says the future of AOL is in content. This is a drum he’s been beating for some time, and I still find it intriguing that the man responsible for advertising at Google, a famously technology-driven company, is now a content nut.

The Chair of the FCC has reawakened the net neutrality debate and Comcast and Larry Lessig have already weighed in. Guess who loves it, and who is not so thrilled? Larry came last year, Brian Roberts, CEO of Comcast, is coming to Web 2 this year.

WPP Chief Sorrell says he cannot keep pace with the decline in ad revenues. By keeping pace, he means firing enough staff.

MySpace, long quiet in this space, makes news with its plan to integrate Twitter. Jon Miller, to whom MySpace CEO Owen Van Atta reports, and Evan Williams, CEO of Twitter, will both be at Web 2.

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5 thoughts on “Briefly Noted

  1. Tom Nocera says:

    I wonder if Twitter’s showing some social media love to MySpace will have much of an impact for either company at this point in time? MySpace has been left with its niche for promotion of garage bands and independent producers of music. Is Twitter banking on a revenue stream flowing from MySpace? That is the only way I see for this alliance tod make sense.

  2. I’m not sure this has amnything to do with Twitter management’s plans.

    Couldn’t MySpace sync with Twitter regardless based on the open API structure of Twitter?

  3. There have been only two companies in the search-related industry more confused about what they are than Yahoo!: AOL and Ask.

    Armstrong’s vision for AOL’s future is the first sign of coherency. It seems like he doesn’t want to pretend that AOL is a search-related property any more. I think that’s a good sign, because unless they get serious about search technology they really are not a competitor.

    And if they provide a mix of fee and subscription news and features, they may be able to challenge the subscription-only promise that Rupert Murdoch and other major publishers are toyig with.

  4. fibercement says:

    I’m not sure this has amnything to do with Twitter management’s plans.

  5. porno says:

    thats cool. i, for one, am impressed with the hardware. the device, though bulky, is increadibly easy to use and in the 2nd gen zune wouldn’t change a thing, same for the ui. Now the part that is irrating me; the fact that the zune seems to be completly abandoned by microsoft. only to 1.4 in almost a year, not good. wifi restrictions need to be lifted to make “the social” work, add video to zm. in short the zune is the only good thing about owning a zune.