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Yahoo's New Search

By - August 27, 2009

It feels a bit odd to be writing that headline – “Yahoo’s New Search” – given the company’s deal with Bing/Microsoft. But Yahoo seems intent on declaring its independence with regard to search, even as it sells its asset and audience away to its newfound partner.

Yahoo does retain, in the deal, the right to innovate on top of Bing results, and I guess that’s where this announcement is pointing – noting that Yahoo has been innovating in search UI and plans to continue to do so. I’m talking with the Yahoo folks next week and will have more on their plans then. But it strikes me as potentially conflicting to the deal for Yahoo to be innovating in UI on top of Bing, as one of Bing’s strengths is its innovation in UI….

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5 thoughts on “Yahoo's New Search

  1. ajoliee11 says:

    Carol is like the old man in the wizard of oz behind the curtains pulling the levers to scare everyone but in the end no one. She can change the look all she wants, pull any number of levers, but in the end Yahoo search is still a bunch of Yahoos behind the curtains.

    nough said.

  2. AOL added some unique search results features onto their “powered by Google” search that was quite profitable for them until a couple of years when new – and clueless – leadership arbitrarily changed the results page, costing AOL something like $100 million in PPC revenue.

  3. MGA says:

    simpler is better. Look at google case. they have a simple website, with a very simple UI…

  4. Yahoo is ok, as for their partnership with Microsoft I think it will turn out badly. Check this sweet alternative search engine

  5. So from the looks of it, Yahoo doesn’t want to expend energy on Search anymore. But they want to retain the ability to earn revenue from ads and from being a portal/community site.