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It's CrowdFire and Outside Lands Time!

By - August 27, 2009


I’m getting psyched up for Outside Lands‘ second year, and the return of CrowdFire, an FM/Intel/Outside Lands joint back and better than ever. CrowdFire is a service that aggregates fan photos, videos, tweets, and more, and lets anyone play with the database we all create as we experience great live music.   

The cool thing is, the best stuff we upload or make will end up all over the main stages and video panels all over the festival and featured on the site itself.

To stay in touch with what’s up at Outside Lands and CrowdFire, follow @crowdfire and @osl on Twitter, and Here’s the details from the team that built the site:

Crowdfire, powered by Intel, enhances the OutsideLands experience with crowdsourced multimedia goodness and expands the festival beyond the fences and into the online world. Head over to the Crowdfire kiosks at the festival and upload your pictures and video to be shared over the festival screens. Then visit to relive and re-imagine the festival fun. Get the inside scoop straight from the artists and the audience with live Twitter streams before, during and after the festival (#crowdfire). Crowdfire brings it all together for a festival experience unlike any other.
The music is going to be amazing: Pearl Jam, Dave Matthews, MIA, Band of Horses, Tom Jones, Modest Mouse, Black Eyed Peas, you name it. Come and join or see it vicariously via CrowdFire!
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