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By - May 01, 2009

Just wrote a long-ish post on FM over at the FM blog….from it:

One of the greatest challenges we face here at FM is answering a very simple question: What kind of a business are you?

When a reporter, partner, or colleague asks me this question, it’s usually followed by a deep intake of breath on my part, because my answer often runs for quite some time. Federated Media wasn’t built to answer easy questions, and our business isn’t easy to define. Quite purposefully, we have built our business in the center of some swiftly changing currents at the nexus of media, marketing, and technology.

But if you don’t take the time to define your brand publicly, others will. Over the past few months FM has been called a social media network, a blog network, a vertical ad network, an advertising rep firm, a media services firm, and even a new kind of advertising agency.

The truth is, FM incorporates aspects of all these businesses. What we are not, however, is any one of them alone.

Hence, our problem (I prefer opportunity, being eternally an optimist…)

So for the record, let me state what we believe FM *is*: FM is a media company, founded on an evolving definition of the word “media.”

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One thought on “The Bucket

  1. Peter says:

    No matter how complex the business is, you have to be able to distill it down to a 30 second elevator speech.