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Google's Real Time, Squared Response

By - May 13, 2009

The Google Twitter Facebook goat rodeo is getting more interesting. At its Searchology event this week, (TC/Post coverage), Google unveiled a suite of new offerings that feel reactive to various competitors, including “Google Squared,” a Google Labs response to Wolframs’ new Alpha (more on that soon).

Reuters bills it this way:

Google also showed off a new feature, available immediately, that lets users view only the most timely search results, narrowing the results for a topic to the past 24 hours or the past week.

Google said it will search blogs and news sites, as well as the general information available online, to provide a fresher picture of certain subjects.

This feature comes amid the rising popularity of so-called real time search products, like the search feature on microblogging site Twitter, which allow users to search up-to-the-minute developments about certain topics online.

There is a lot to digest, will be doing it Friday to Monday, when I have time to write….

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One thought on “Google's Real Time, Squared Response

  1. John Boyd says:


    It seems unlikely that Google Squared is a response to Wolfram Alpha. If what Google claims about Squared is true, it must have taken then years of development to deliver. Generalized extraction of structured data from the web is an extremely hard problem. Its highly unlikely they could have thrown this together in a few weeks as a response to Wolfram. It sounds to me like there’s a bigger story here.