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Help Me Interview Will Wright

By - April 02, 2009


This morning at the Web 2 Expo I’ll be in interviewing Will Wright, legendary game designer best known for Sim City (his most recent accomplishment is Spore). What do you think I should ask him about?  

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7 thoughts on “Help Me Interview Will Wright

  1. Rick Mason says:

    Ask him if he actually intends to make Spore 2 and give us the game he promised instead of the way to basic and boring game it turned out to be.

    I’ve never been so disappointed with a game as I was with Spore. Perhaps he set the bar too high. There are so many flaws in the game, but yet SOOO much potential. I want it to become the game it could be.

  2. 1) Has Will ever considered creating an academic version of SimCity or SimEarth as a hands on Civic lesson for students?

    2) How does Will reconcile the liberal creativity of his professional pursuits with his conservative political views?

  3. Kam Lasater says:

    1) Is creativity a learned skill or is it purely natural ability? If trainable how would you suggest developing the skill?

    2) What is your process for creating/inventing? How did you arrive at this process?

  4. justin nesci says:

    i’d like to know his perspective on in-game ads on the user experience… has there been backlash, is it effective for brands, do consumers care?

  5. David says:

    Will is on the Singularity University’s Advisory (full disclosure: me too). What does he think of the impact of accelerating change on people who are not into tech? How does the view of accelerating chance inform his projects, and how does he adapt to it?

  6. Will virtual worlds ever become our primary homes, while the real world is just where we recharge our batteries.


  7. Axure says:

    Looking at his portfolio, Will seems to be pursuing games that are not pure a arcade of shooting things, but rather those that influence us in some positive way.

    Does he have any interesting ideas on games that could actually be integrated in some way into our real lives, where manipulating things in game would mean affecting the real world? Because everything we do right now in those virtual worlds is totally disconnected from reality: Even when you play Sims, you play with purely fictitious lives.

    How about games that simulate certain realities and let you slowly move from imaginative challenges to real ones? So that one day you find yourself skillful in something real. (Off the top of my head: trading stocks 😉

    Or games that involve manipulation (processing) of real information from the web in a way that feels fun? (kind of crowd sourcing)