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Seen In the Wild

By - March 04, 2009

I was reading a piece on Venturebeat, on Kutano. And this ad was at the bottom.

Google Ad

This is an ad?

Yep. Innaresting. Four years ago (God, yes, I’ve been writing for more than that, er, ummm….22 years, in fact…) anyway, I wrote this about Google and the need to market its products:

As I think about Picasa, Google Desktop, Print, Keyhole, Blogger, and Google Groups come to mind, as does Google’s long held aversion to consumer marketing. And I’ve come to the conclusion that Google can no longer afford to avoid consumer marketing. In order for these services to really scale, to get to where they need to go, Google will have to start promoting them. It’s unavoidable – even if you do have the best product in the world, you need to tell people about it before they get locked into other options…

Of course, in Google’s case, it’s nice to have so much cheap inventory to work with. Oh snap, did I say that about AdSense? I guess it must be late….

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6 thoughts on “Seen In the Wild

  1. Rajesh Setty says:


    You said it in the last sentence:

    “Of course, in Google’s case, it’s nice to have so much cheap inventory to work with.”

    If someone was paying to Google for that space, Google would take that in a heartbeat rather than advertising their own products.

    Thanks (as always)


  2. KeithA45 says:

    I don’t know what you’re talking about, I’ve seen Chrome advertisements on Youtube for months

  3. Jay Meydad says:


    These ads have been running for a few months now on the AdSense network. I have also seen similar ads for Picasa.

    What I am wondering is what type of ads are these – CPC/CPA? and what are the CPC/CPA rates Google use to calculate payouts?

    Since Google are the ultimate black box, could it be that they don’t pay at all?

  4. well !! for ppl who hv commented abv ..

    Author here is referring to googles philosophy that it is ok not to advertise a product if it is a good product it will go word-2-mouth.

    I think i completely agree with you John, they need to advertise best product on the planet for ppl to see it.

  5. Why is it that Google STILL hasn’t created a Google Toolbar for Chrome?

    Pat O’Malley

  6. Well … just testing one of the latest crome development versions (, and it’s a nice browser – but still Firefox is prefered.

    Google Crome is not a big player in Denmark … on my site only 0.5% have been using crome in the last six months – compared to 89% for Explorer.

    I really don’t understand this, MS Explorer is crashing 5 to 6 times a day!! Why do people use this?