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For This Vanity Search, Google is Way More Real Time

By - March 04, 2009

Who doesn’t do a vanity search once in a while? My fixation on real time search has only heightened my otherwise occasional check into the funhouse mirror of search. What I found tonight:


Google March 09

The results are pretty up to date. The second result is my “hottest” post in recent days. Only one ad, however. (Update: Today the hottest post is my 2009 predictions. Innaresting.)


Yahoo March 09

Note the other suggested searches. Also, second result is a far longer fuse on “hot post” – my predictions from a year ago. Lots of ads!


Live March 09

Love all those images! Also doing the suggested searches. Especially love the image at the far right. But alas…no ads. Sigh. Pretty consistent with revenues, I must say. Oh, and the idea of “xRank” is new to me (I am sure I missed it earlier), it’s a ranking of “notable people”. It’s moved from 103 to 56 this morning. Hmmm.

Conclusion: For this blogger, it’s clear Google is paying attention to getting as close as is realistic to real time search.

But mark my words: The real target in real time search, for Google anyway, is Facebook. That is an opening for Twitter.

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6 thoughts on “For This Vanity Search, Google is Way More Real Time

  1. But if it were really that “Real TIme”, this article would be the first result on the list.


  2. Ok, so Google is a lot more real time but they are pushing way too much stuff right there at the top and I don’t like it !

    I get 2 organic search results, your blog and wikipedia, 2 youtube videos in the third position, fourth position is news results, fifth position is the book results, etc..

    I get it that they want to send traffic to their own properties as much as possible as Yahoo has been doing for years, but come on… This is not what people want.

    Google —> keep it simple

    Or else……. #$$#%#$%!!



  3. JT says:

    Lifehacker has a great post on a greasemonkey script that integrates twitter search into google, check it out.

  4. Pete says:


    I want real-time in some cases and comprehensive/historical in others. I think Google could easily overcompensate for one use case in minimize the utility in the other. To me this needs to be a separate product or feature – like images, blogs, etc. The trouble with universal search is it can easily become average for all sorts of use cases.

  5. Artı says:

    Google is updated by pageranks value.

    Yahoo is updating realtime but doesn’t echo in search engines page or results.

    Live is love domain links. If your web page has domainname/pagename.etc, Live is redirecting too result but else, Live engine don’t love you. And no realtime view result.

  6. fibercement says:

    good idea artı.thanks a lot.