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How Much Is A Super Bowl Ad Worth? How About 50% Increase In Traffic?

By - February 27, 2009

Recently I interviewed Jason Kilar, CEO of the very hot (and very unusual) video start up Hulu. (If you want more on what Hulu is, check out his introduction of it at our CM Summit last June). Hulu is funded by NBC and Fox, and Jason comes from Amazon, and he’s very clearly a product guy – and Hulu is a very good product.

In any case, when I was moderating the panel (it was at a private event), I asked Jason if the SuperBowl ad his company ran (it was part of a deal with NBC, paid for with credits) drove any significant traffic for Jason demured, which I surely understand. But now I got the skinny, from a very good source.

According to that source, traffic increased by about 50% to Hulu after the ad ran. (The ad is below).

That’s pretty darn good.

Hulu is growing like a weed. According to other sources, it’s up to nearly 30mm uniques now. More video plays than either Microsoft of Yahoo. Watch that space….

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6 thoughts on “How Much Is A Super Bowl Ad Worth? How About 50% Increase In Traffic?

  1. Frank Sinton says:

    Why did you use a YouTube embed? That ad is available on…

  2. Tom Nocera says:

    After checking out Hulu’s website I’ve found there appears to be a powerful element of truth in the ad – making it so charmingly effective. My take on the programming currently being served up on Hulu is that IT REALLY CAN turn a healthy mind to mush.

  3. Jim Thomas says:

    It’s too bad they caved to pressure from the content providers and pulled and Boxee support. Could have seen a lot more growth…

  4. Daily News says:

    Not bad, 10 million per month, up to 17 million per month now – and it seems to be holding. That means not enough people knew about it before. The interesting thing is that it didn’t get an immediate 50% boost, it was more like 10% each week, over 4 weeks.

  5. I can’t wait until Hulu is available outside the US. Sites like these really frustrate me that I live in Australia!